YouTube tests emoji reactions whenever you want

A YouTube video deserves a different (or more subtle) response from the audience than just a comment or a like. Thinking about it, the social network is emoji reactions for a small group of users and so they can launch an emoji at a specific time in the content.

Also, people can get an idea of ​​how others reacted throughout the video. The new tool will have a reaction panel in the comments section that will display emoji reactions by moment, very similar to the features of Facebook Live and Twitch.


“If you are watching a video that is part of this experiment, you can react and see the reactions of the crowd by opening the comments section of the video and tapping the reaction panel. The test will also show you what moments other viewers are reacting to (which will be anonymized, we won’t show who sent each reaction). We are testing various sets of reactions and will add or remove reactions based on how the experiment goes!” said Meaghan, who is a representative of the YouTube Team.

Viewers can react via emoji at specific timesImage: Google

Google tries out new features on YouTube often, and that doesn’t mean they’re permanent. So much so that the platform has tested allowing users to tag their comments at specific points in a video and also hide it.

With that, YouTube is testing emoji reactions on a small number of channels to start with, and then it will expand depending on how the reception is. People will be able to count on a wide variety of emoji reactions at their disposal such as face with tears of joy, a heart, the shocked face, the celebratory party poppers, the “keep it 100” sign, a question mark, the idea light bulb and a screaming cat.

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Source: Engadget

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