What is a revolutionary smokeless IQOS cigarette and how smoke without ignition works

IQOS is the trade name for an electronic cigarette – a heated tobacco vapor inhalation vaporizer, replacing a conventional lit cigarette.

IQOS cigarettes, abbreviated  I quit ordiary smoking (I’m quitting smoking), a product developed by Philips Morris, a manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes for example. The manufacturer itself says it has set the target health burden for its customers, smokers, and has invested over $ 3 billion in new product development.  

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Indeed, manufacturers are under tremendous pressure from smoke-free companies and therefore seek compensation for their risky businesses. It is therefore foreseeable that IQOS and similar products that eliminate the burning of cigarettes with dangerous combustion gases will be increasingly promoted.

IQOS cartridges are sold under the trade name HEETS or IQOS by Marlboro ( overview of all types of HEETS ). They are a truncated cigarette containing minced tobacco enriched with glycerin, re-pressed into slices, filled with a hollow acetate filter of a biopolymer and a cellulose mouthpiece.

Charging the charge in the heater is heated to about 350 ° C, compared to burning in a conventional cigarette in the range of 600-850 ° C. During heating, the nicotine from the tobacco begins to release along with the glycerin, its inhalation is therefore very similar to the classic taste of cigarettes, but the smoker exhales a pure and odorless vapor which at the moment dissolves.

Since HEETS does not burn, there are dozens of types of tar or solid particles inhaled in a normal cigarette, despite all the controversial discussions of the experts , it is clear that, at least in this regard, more thoughtful smoking, which will immediately appear in easier breathing. in about two weeks.  

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