TikTok creates section to make users aware of challenges and rumors

After being alerted about problems faced by teenagers in relation to rumors or challenges spread on TikTok, many with a violent bias, the Chinese social network started a project that aims to help raise awareness of both this public and their parents to combat the problem, also known as bullying in certain cases. Now, there will be a specific session on the topic in the Security Center, with information in Portuguese.

In the topic, TikTok writes: stop, think, decide and act. An invitation for users to reflect before starting a post or about something they have seen, opening a space both for awareness and for complaints about possible abuses practiced on the platform.


banned content

If a user tries to search for content considered to be a rumor or a harmful challenge, the person will be directed to a guide that provides four guidelines on the topic.

If you violate the community rules, the information will be banned. In addition, TikTok participated in consultations with experts in child and behavioral psychiatry, with the aim of preventing possible cases of abuse.

The guidelines received by the social network will help to create content with an appropriate language, including the issuance of alerts. Potentially risky videos will receive a notification as a means of improving quality on the platform, which is widely accessed by both children and teenagers.

New notice posted on the Information Center aims to make users aware of challenges and rumors on TikTok. Image: TikTok reproduction

Changes to Community Guidelines

TikTok also announced changes to the Community Guidelines structure, with alerts that will highlight dangerous acts and challenges. These are efforts to make users aware of the dangers of certain actions, in view of several cases of young people who suffered serious consequences after participating in these challenges.

The news will be in the video reports menu, a way to help the platform community to encourage good deeds, avoiding acts that put life or health at risk. After all, there is an incessant search for likes and followers, which often leads users to put their own lives on the line.

In a statement, the social network said that all the steps are part of a commitment that guarantees the safety of users, with the collaboration of everyone, including parents, teachers, young people and other people who are part of the community.

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