Sweetener consumption increases cancer risk by 13%

A survey of more than 100,000 people revealed that consuming sweeteners can increase the risk of cancer. Published in the journal Plos Medicine, the study suggests that people who ingest above-average amounts are 13% more likely to develop a malignant tumor.

To do this, scientists collected food diaries from 102,865 adults in France for nearly eight months and adjusted for other cancer risk factors such as age, body mass index, physical activity and fat intake.


According to the team, aspartame was associated with a 15% increased risk of all cancers and a 22% increased risk of breast cancer. The food additive present in artificial sweeteners was also associated with higher cancer rates than obesity.

Image: PDPics (Pixabay)

Cancer rates were high in both heavy consumers of artificial sweeteners and individuals who consumed above-average amounts. “This suggests that artificial sweeteners and excessive sugar intake may be equally associated with cancer risk,” the authors reported.

On the other hand, the study does not provide any evidence of a causal relationship between sweeteners and cancer, nor does it explain any related biological mechanism between consumption and morbidity. The conclusion was that “findings do not support the use of artificial sweeteners as safe alternatives to sugar in foods or beverages.”

Source: The Globe

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