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This Tuesday (8) the payment of the Social Integration Program (PIS) salary allowance of up to R$ 1,212, base year 2020, began. The first stage is for private sector workers born in January. The calendar extends until March 31 and you can also find out the day of the withdrawal through the Worker Registration Number (NIT).

For public servants enrolled in Pasep, payments start next week, starting on the 15th. The maximum deadline for withdrawing the allowance is December 29, 2022. Transfers are made by Caixa Econômica Federal. The allowance is aimed at private sector servers and workers who received a maximum of two monthly minimum wages, on average, in 2020.


The NIS number is important because it gives access to social security benefits and is equivalent to PIS/PASEP for workers who have never had an employment relationship, being registered as an individual taxpayer, optional, domestic employee, special insured or self-employed.

Step by step to know the NIT number

1. The first step is to access the website of the National Register of Social Information.

2. Next, click on the Citizen button.

3. In the citizen area, access the button in the upper left corner, where registration and membership will be written.

4. In this step, you must fill in the form with personal data, such as name, affiliation, date of birth, CPF and click on the button I am not a robot.

5. To attest that the procedure is being done by a human being, the system will open an image identifier, as you see in the print below.

6 . If the person is already registered, a message will appear stating that “their data is already included in the National Register of Social Information. Use your Identification number – NIT – to make collections. Ready, you had access to your NIT quickly and safely.

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