Samsung Chromebook 2 360 is launched with Celeron processor and 4G connection

Without much fanfare, Samsung announced a new model of Chromebook for the international market: the Chromebook 2 360. The laptop is a 2-in-1 with a 12.4-inch screen and uses a keyboard receiving splash protection, in addition to bringing a processor Simpler Intel Celeron.

Gradually the market for Chromebooks has been growing, especially in the international market where the price of these notebooks is quite attractive for intermediate models, even for the simplest ones. The latest addition to this list is the Chromebook 2 360, with hinges that turn your PC into a tablet.


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Chromebook 2 360 (Image: publicity/Samsung)

The screen is not the biggest, with only 12.4 inches in resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, with the possibility of recognizing the user’s touch and saving space at the top for a webcam with HD resolution (720p). The bottom hinges, which feature a generously large bezel, allow you to flip the display to transform the viewing experience.

Samsung’s Chromebook May Have 4G Connection

The keyboard received larger keys than in the previous generation, the touchpad is also more spacious and the set has protection against water splashes. In ports the user finds two USB-C, a USB 3.2 in traditional format, a microSD card slot and a headphone connection.

On the wireless side, the Chromebook 2 360 has Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1, with the option of adding 4G (LTE) to connect to the internet even away from home and the router. Inside, an Intel Celeron N4500 processor promises good performance for basic tasks, along with 4 or 8 GB of RAM, with 64 or 128 GB of internal memory. The battery powering this entire set has 45.5 Wh and a 45 watt charger is already included in the package.

Chromebook 2 360 (Image: publicity/Samsung)

Chrome OS is factory installed and the Chromebook 2 360 arrives at international retailers from April 15th, but there is still no price forecast for any of the models.

Via: Samsung.

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