Preparing for future pandemics, Butantan creates new vaccine factory in Brazil

The Butantan Institute announced the creation of a new vaccine factory in Brazil. According to the laboratory, the center will allow the country to prepare more quickly for future pandemics, developing and producing immunizers at a much greater speed than the current one.

The statement explains that the Butantan Multipurpose Vaccine Production Center (CPMV) will be fully automated and will make the country self-sufficient in the production of vaccines in future pandemics. The center will have five different vaccine platforms and Biosafety Level 3 certification, one of the highest in the pharmaceutical sector.


“It is a leap forward, of an autonomy that Butantan will give to Brazil to produce IFA [Insumo Farmacêutico Ativo] on an industrial scale”, explains the industrial development manager at Butantan, Adriano Ferreira. “The CMPV gives us the guarantee that we can react to any pandemic much faster than before”, adds the infrastructure director, Rafael Lubianca.

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According to Butantan, the idea of ​​building a new vaccine factory is old, but the project was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The financing will occur in a partnership between the public and private initiative made by the Government of the State of São Paulo.

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The schedule started in April 2020, with the completion of the project. The work began in November of the same year and in December of last year the installation of the equipment began. Now, the vaccine factory is in the certification phase that should be completed in February 2023.

Image: Publicity/Butantan Institute

Initially, the site will house the production of vaccines against rabies, hepatitis A, zika and Covid-19. At its maximum capacity, the facility will produce 100,000 doses per year in an area of ​​11,000 m². The goal is that the site can help Brazil avoid future pandemics.

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