Positivo launches new generation of Smart Camera 360° Bot Wi-Fi with ultrawide lens

Positivo announced this week the second generation of the Smart Camera 360° Bot Wi-Fi smart camera. With a body very similar to the previous version, the new product promises to improve the quality of Full HD recordings, in addition to a motor to rotate the top completely.

Looking from the front, the body of the second generation Smart Camera 360º Bot Wi-Fi is very similar to the previous one, showing small changes and they are focused on the black part, in the center. Previously circular in shape, the location now resembles a pill and the speaker has been moved from the side to the rear area.


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Smart Camera 360º Bot Wi-Fi of the second generation (Image: publicity/Positivo)

In terms of specifications, the new product continues to shoot in Full HD (1080p) and takes advantage of the Wi-Fi connection to send the images without the need for cables. On the other hand, now Positivo says it has improved the capture quality, as well as increasing the angle of view from 120 to 135 degrees – covering larger areas just by changing the lens.

The location monitored by the second generation Smart Camera 360º Bot Wi-Fi may be dark, as infrared LEDs discreetly illuminate the environment. The product can send the stream to a dedicated app or to Alexa to be displayed on an Echo Show, as well as record content to a microSD up to 128GB.

The Google Assistant can be linked with the new Smart Camera 360° Bot Wi-Fi, to also view content on connected devices, or use voice commands from the cell phone or smart speakers. The power is still done with a USB cable, receiving power from a common cell phone charger – included in the package.

When and how much?

The second-generation Smart Camera 360° Bot Wi-Fi can now be found on the Positivo website, with a suggested price of R$399.

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