Learn how to track a purchase on Mercado Livre

With the growth of online sales, many people who had never bought online ended up having some experience in moments of social isolation. Among the sites that sell the most is the Mercado Livre, where there are products of all types and for the most varied tastes possible. If you’re starting to get familiar with shopping on e-commerces, it’s worth getting to know some of the tools that exist in the app.

To know every step of the logistics of your purchase, there is a place that tracks the goods, which is very useful to keep anxiety away from your daily life.


Step by step to track the purchase on Mercado Livre

When purchasing any product on the site, a notification will be sent to your email, informing you about the shipment of the goods. Among the most common means is delivery by a carrier or post office.

1. For you to track your purchase, log in to your Mercado Livre account and click on the bell or notifications. A tab on the product timeline will open.

2. Now click on track shipment to get more details about the shipment’s path.

3. When accessing the shipping details, you will have access to the tracking code, receiving more information, including buttons to inform possible unforeseen events.

Here’s how to track a purchase made several days ago

1. In some cases, there are purchases that take longer than the expected time to arrive. Then you need to click on purchases, which is on the right side, top corner of the site. Go to track the shipment.

Track shipping by post

If your purchase was sent by post, just access the page on this link. Access the button track your object., The tracking is informed through the CPF or CNPJ number.

Ready! In this way, possible problems during delivery can be prevented, making your purchases always arrive on the scheduled dates, which is a fundamental aspect of customer satisfaction.

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