How to use the Digital Vehicle Sales through the Digital Transit Wallet

You know all those trips to sell a semi-new vehicle and transfer it to the name of the new owner? Now the process will be easier. A functionality in the Digital Transit Wallet application, launched this Thursday (24), allows the electronic signature of the authorization document for the transfer of property between individuals.

The function is a joint initiative between Serpro, the Ministry of Infrastructure (MInfra) and the National Traffic Secretariat (Senatran). It is now available in eight states across the country. They are: Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Acre, Roraima, Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco, Ceará and Rio Grande do Sul.


“In a practical, agile and secure way, the buyer and seller communicate the sale and sign the authorization for the transfer of ownership using only the application. It was a process that used to take days and now takes place in moments. Then, just take the vehicle to the inspection and carry out the transfer. Everything is very simple and fast”, highlighted Gileno Barreto, president of Serpro.

The process is quick and convenient. There is no need to notarize the signature or carry out the contract on paper. The security of the transaction happens through the requirement of authentication in and facial biometrics for the digital signature of the Authorization for Transfer of Ownership of Vehicles (ATPV-e) by the seller and buyer. Through the Digital Sales function of the app, communication is automatic after authorization from the Detran to register the vehicle.

Both buyer and seller must use the application. Editorial credit: Brenda Rocha – Blossom /

It is worth mentioning that both parties must have an account on And you also need to have a silver or gold level. The Utopian teaches HERE how to level up.

How to do Digital Selling?

The vehicle seller must access the Digital Transit Wallet application. Next, it is necessary to inform the buyer’s CPF and register the intention to sell. The buyer will be notified and needs to repeat the process. Thus, the Detran becomes aware of the business and authorizes the generation of ATPVe. Within the app itself, with the document generated after authorization from the transit authority, both seller and buyer are notified to sign digitally, using the account. After the procedures using the application, the buyer needs to go to a Detran, to carry out the vehicle inspection and request the transfer.

The facility through the application is only available for vehicles with documents issued from January 4, 2021. The date is precisely when the old Single Transfer Document (DUT) was replaced by the digital version, ATPV-e. Currently, more than 27 million people already have this document.

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