How to find out if a bank or finance company is authorized by the BC?

To avoid scams and fraud attempts, know that the Central Bank (BC) has an intelligent query system that allows you to check whether or not a financial institution is authorized to operate in Brazil.

Experts warn that it’s a good idea to conduct research if you’ve been offered a loan that’s too good to be true, for example. Check out how the process works in the guide below.


How to perform a search on the Central Bank page

Step 01: Access the Central Bank website through the browser.

Step 02: in the central part, you will see the ‘Services’ section. Here, on the ‘Citizen’ tab, click on ‘Find an institution’.

Image: Reproduction

Step 03: From here, you can carry out your research by filling in the form or through the smart assistant Din by clicking on the highlighted icon.

Central Bank Assistant allows you to query bank data in a matter of seconds. Image: Reproduction

See too:

Step 04: wait until Din loads the initial information and click on the option ‘Search for an authorized bank’.

Image: Reproduction

Step 04: Enter the name of the bank or institution you want to consult.

Step 05: at the end, as in the screenshot below, you will see the data about the institution, such as the name, CNPJ and official page.

In the example above, I requested information about the digital bank Nubank. Image: Reproduction

Ready! Finally, the BC informs that if the assistant does not find anything, the bank in question does not exist or is not authorized to operate in the country. Another warning is: do not do business if any institution requests the payment of amounts in advance to release credit.

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