How to add mp3 files in Deezer and Spotify?

As much as streaming services like Spotify and Deezer are known for the vast collection of artists and tracks available, know that you can add mp3 files to make your music catalog even more complete and personalized.

Check out how the process works in the guide below.


How to upload mp3 files in Deezer

Until then, it is still not possible to upload files directly from your phone to the Deezer library. To do this, you need to access the web version of the service through your browser.

Step 01: click on ‘Favorites’ in the side menu;

Image: Reproduction

Step 02: then click on ‘More’ > ‘My MP3’;

Image: Reproduction

Step 03: at the end, click on ‘Upload your MP3’ and select the files on your computer.

Image: Reproduction

It is worth mentioning that there are some limitations: each mp3 must be a maximum of 200 MB in size and there is an upload limit of 2 thousand tracks per account registered on Deezer.

The service also points out that access to files may be limited in Free accounts and depending on the device, in the case of smartwatches and consoles, for example.

On mobile, files are available in ‘Favorites’ > ‘Playlists’ > ‘My MP3’. As with other tracks, you can favorite your mp3s and add them to other playlists if you wish.

How to sync mp3 files on Spotify

To import the desired files to Spotify, you need to use the service’s desktop application, which is available for download from the Microsoft Store.

Step 01: Click on the down arrow next to your name and go to ‘Preferences’.

Image: Reproduction

Step 02: Scroll down to the ‘Local Files’ section and enable the ‘Show Local Files’ option

In addition to mp3 format, the platform also supports mp4 and m4a files. Image: Reproduction

By default, when activating the feature, mp3 files stored in the Download folder and Windows music library will be accessible on Spotify. If desired, click ‘Add a source’ below to add more folders with personal music to the service.

How to Access Music on iPhone and Android

To be able to access mp3 files on your cell phone, you must first create a dedicated playlist with your songs on your desktop.

All ready? Then on iPhone, just go to Spotify settings menu (gear icon) > ‘Local files’ > and enable the ‘Local audio files’ option.

In the end, just download the playlist created before on your device. Image: Reproduction

On Android, the process is as follows: tap ‘Preferences’ (gear icon) > ‘Display local audio files’.

On Android, mp3 songs will appear in your library in the ‘Local Files’ section. Image: Reproduction

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