How to Add Google Drive to Windows ‘File Explorer’

Windows users are already familiar with ‘File Explorer’. In Windows 10 (and now 11), Microsoft has brought improvements to its file manager, such as the ability to access data saved in the cloud.

Here’s how to take advantage of the feature by adding Google Drive as a system storage drive.


Adding Google Drive to Windows

If you need to access Drive several times a day, this is a way to have the service just a few clicks away, without having to access it through the browser.

1. The first step is to download ‘Drive to PC’ for Windows.

2. Then proceed with installing the file.

Alternatively, select the checkboxes above to add shortcuts for other Google services to your desktop. Image: Reproduction

3. Finally, login with your Google Account to start data synchronization.

Google Drive offers two PC access options: mirroring and streaming. Mirroring duplicates all cloud files on your computer. That way you can edit them even offline.

Streaming, on the other hand, keeps files in the cloud to save storage space. By default, the application uses the file mirroring option.

Image: Reproduction

The entire installation process is intuitive and takes little time. Once finished, as in the example below, you will see that Google Drive is automatically assigned by Windows as a ‘G:’ drive (an allusion to Google).

The ‘G:’ drive works as a local disk that automatically syncs with files saved in Drive. Image: Reproduction

When you click on the File Explorer icon, you will see a small blue star and the label “Quick Access”, access to Google Drive will always be listed here within reach of the user.

You can also access Drive from the Start menu, or if you prefer, pin it to the Windows taskbar by clicking on the icon with the right mouse button > ‘More’ > ‘Pin to taskbar’.

Ready! Now you know how to access Google Drive in Windows File Explorer. In the end, keeping your files closer can even help improve your productivity if you need to use the service on a daily basis. It is worth remembering that Drive offers 15 GB of free storage to everyone who has a Google account.

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