Heets Vs Traditional Cigarettes

As we all know that traditional cigarettes have many side effects, especially when it comes to health issues such as lung disease and more. Everyone wishes to get rid of smoking habit, but facing hard time as it is a habit and an addictive activity. However, with advancement of technology in every industry, a perfect substitute of cigarette is ruling the tobacco industry. Heat not burn products are the perfect alternative of traditional cigarettes. If you are confused what is the difference between heat not burn products and standard cigarettes, then here in this write we are providing you every details about Heets.

What is Heets?

Heets is a popular Heat not burn Product, introduced by Philips Morphin International Pvt Limited. The company is focusing on delivering smoke free environment. When we smoke traditional cigarettes, we definitely head to spread smoke all over the environment, but this is not the case with HEETS IQOS UAE. 

IQOS works in special mechanism where the side effects of smoking are lower than traditional smoking.

The mechanism used for traditional cigarettes is all about burning the Cigarette on higher temperature, whereas the Heets do not work on the same mechanism.

When we say Heat not burn products, it clearly says the Cigarette is heated not burned.

Heets is a special stick that comes with several filters.

You need to place the traditional Cigarette in the stick and then heat it at the lower temperature and lower combustion.

Although, the same amount of tobacco is heated but the best part is it is heated not burned.

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Heets Vs Cigarettes

Heets Vs Cigarettes is a common question that arises in the mind of every smoker who is willing to switch to IQOS over traditional Cigarettes.

The main difference between both the products is their mechanisms.

Standard Cigarettes are burned at very high temperature for more than 800 degree and whereas Heets are heated at 300 to 350 degree. So when there is low combustion of heat, it naturally says it produces less side effects and leads to less health issues.

Traditional cigarettes comes with many hazardous health problems, but the same is not with Heets.

Although Heets leads same amount of nicotine inhalation, but less dangerous for health.

Heets IQOS is a special product that has special hallow acellate tube, tobacco plug, mouth filter, end filter and mouth end papers.

The consumer needs to insert the Heets Cigarette into the hallow tube, which is known as IQOS holder and then the cigarette is heated at 350 degree. It gives the same feel of inhaling tobacco.

Heets is easily available in the market with the name of Heet sticks, that contain tobacco and leads to same enjoyment like traditional cigarette.

The heets leads to inhale of same level of nicotine like Traditional cigarettes.

The Final Verdict

Now when we have seen the main difference between Heets IQOS and Traditional Cigarettes, hope you are convinced to get the best available heets in the market and save your health from dangerous side effects of traditional cigarettes.

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