Excessive use of sweeteners may increase cancer risk, research shows

A new study has found that people who consume high levels of sweeteners have a higher risk of developing breast, colorectal, stomach or prostate cancer.

According to research, the sweeteners linked to a higher risk of cancer are aspartame and acesulfame K. In the case of aspartame, scientists have noticed that it is able to disfigure cells, causing them to not self-destruct when they become cancerous. , a process that normally occurs.


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In addition, the continuous use of these substances can have an effect on the bacteria that live in our intestines and harm our immune system, making it difficult to fight and recognize cancer cells.

However, experts point out that research should intensify because there are open points. First, the little difference in the risk of developing cancer between those who consumed the highest and lowest levels of sweetener, something close to 13%.

In addition, the database used for the research may be challenged. Almost 600,000 volunteers were followed through diet diaries written by themselves, which cannot be completely safe, given that they may have made a mistake when writing something down, for example.

Research says sweeteners can increase cancer risk. Image: Shutterstock

The research also points out that even though the discussion between the use of sweeteners and the development of cancer is complex, it is necessary to affirm that there are sweeteners considered healthy, such as stevia and xylitol, which contribute to people’s health in different ways.

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