Everything you need to know about Heets IQOS

Heets a common word these days, especially to those who are smokers and want to look for substitute of standard cigarettes.

The first thing we must know that it is a heat not burn product introduced in the market by Philips Morphin International Company.

As per research and studies, Heets IQOS is one of the safest e cigarettes available.

Earlier FDA did not approve the device, but after certain studies, the HEETS IQOS is approved by FDA now.

What is IQOS?

The first thing you must know is IQOS is not same as Vape or any other E-Cigarette. It is a great heat not burn nicotine delivery system. With the inhale of Heets, you will get real tobacco taste like other heat not burn products with same cigarette taste but less harmful effects to the smoker.

HEETS IQOS Dubai  comes with 95% less harmful chemicals than other way of smoking. However it is somehow like a Voke but not a vape. It delivers the same amount of nicotine to your system like other products.

Earlier it was only available in UAE, but with over the time FDA has approved its selling in USA and UK also. Philips Morphin has claimed the product is the safest way to smoke tobacco. It is something that no other company of heat not burn products like vape would do.

FDA has said, if a smoker is completely switching to Heets, then there will be less side effects of smoking and it drastically reduces the exposure of harmful chemicals.

Conventional Cigarettes are undoubtedly leads to high level of exposure to toxic elements.

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HEETS IQOS UAE offers three types of IQOS, they are:

  • IQOS Duo
  • IQOS Multi
  • IQOS Plus

Prices also vary IQOS starts from $40 and ranges to $79.

Working of Heets

Heets is a mechanism, in which every IQOS device works. The IQOS is placed in the hallow tube available on the device, and then it is heated by using heat control technology. All Heets are supposed to give you flavor  of real tobacco and even menthol flavor, if required. The big benefit of using IQOS is, it gives you same and real taste of tobacco as smoking a traditional cigarette.

If you are a chain smoker, for sure you love smoking tobacco in any form. But using Heets IQOS is a safer and great way to quit smoking and dump your death traditional cigarette sticks.

IQOS is worth your money and gives you amazing feel of tobacco.

Also, same level of nicotine is inhaled through IQOS like conventional cigarette.

IQOS are heated at low temperature of 350 degree without flame, gas or combustion. It gives you a output of flavored nicotine vapor and further true flavor of real tobacco.

If you are willing to buy Heets IQOS, then HEETS IQOS UAE  is the right place. We offer you a great variety of Heets IQOS and at affordable rates. It is a hybrid device that works on heat not burn technology.

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