Elon Musk presents news about Starship: “let’s make it real”

On Thursday (10), SpaceX CEO Elon Musk spoke about the news of the next-generation Starship rocket, which went from paper to a series of prototypes at the company’s headquarters in Texas. Starship is being developed to launch cargo and people, consisting of a spacecraft and rocket that, stacked and coupled, form the tallest space launch system in the world, with 120 meters (m) high.

This update is the first one offered by SpaceX since September 2019, despite the various homeopathic information we receive from the company’s profiles and its CEO on social media. At the event, Musk stated the need for humanity to become multiplanetary. “One day we could make Mars an Earth like planet,” he argued.


The presentation recapped the product’s key technologies and revealed a new video for more details. Check out:

Musk said that Starship will carry out Starlink missions as well as manned spaceflight missions with NASA. He mentioned the dearMoon mission, which plans to go around the moon in 2023. “There will be some upcoming announcements that I think people are going to be pretty excited about,” he said.

The rocket is designed to be launched in a Super Heavy booster, both of which are powered by the new class of Raptor engines that SpaceX is also creating. SpaceX started this project more than two years ago, when it started building prototypes at various headquarters.

And soon after, Musk’s team focused on work at the Boca Chica site, which is dubbed “Starbase,” and so the manufacturing, testing and flights of the Starship from Texas took place. In May, there was the successful launch and landing of the Starship SN15 during a high-altitude test flight, and that moved them to the next step: reaching space.

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It is worth remembering that SpaceX wanted to launch the spacecraft’s first orbital flight test in 2021, however, the schedule was postponed. And that when Musk talks about “Starship,” he’s referring to the entire launch system, including the Super Heavy booster rocket. At the event, the CEO said that he is confident that the spacecraft will enter orbit by the end of this year: “Let’s make it real.”

Beyond that, 2022 is the year that the body that regulates aerospace aviation in the US — the FAA — moved to do the proper inspections and move forward with requests for permits and technical licenses — something that SpaceX has been requesting without response for years. .

In addition, SpaceX already has a client for Starship: in addition to NASA having hired the company to take the Artemis Program’s lunar lander to the moon, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa — himself, just returned from a trip to the Space Station International (ISS) — has commissioned a “roll” that will take it around our satellite and back to Earth, along with a few other artists, in 2023.

Watch the event in full:

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