Blue Origin postpones its 4th manned spaceflight due to bad weather

This Monday (28), Blue Origin announced that its fourth manned mission, originally scheduled for Tuesday (29), had to be postponed due to strong winds forecast for the western region of the US state of Texas, from where the New Shepard spacecraft will take off.

“#NewShepard Mission Operations has successfully completed the Flight Readiness Review and weather is the only factor remaining for the launch,” reads a company statement via Twitter.


According to the tweet, the launch was scheduled for Thursday (31st) at 10:30 am (GMT) from Blue Origin’s Launch Site 1 near Van Horn, Texas. There will be a live broadcast over the internet, starting 1h10min earlier, on the company’s official YouTube channel. Mission update posts are also planned through the Blue Origin profile on Twitter.

The flight plan calls for the rocket to land vertically shortly after liftoff and for the crew capsule to descend independently with a parachute, arriving at Earth a few minutes after the booster.

NS-20 mission will take Blue Origin employee into space

Blue Origin uses its RSS First Step (RSS for Reusable Spacecraft) for manned flights. A different New Shepard capsule, called RSS HG Wells, is used for unmanned scientific flights.

Among the passengers will be five paying customers: Marty Allen, the couple Sharon Hagle and Marc Hagle, Jim Kitchen and George Nield, in addition to the crew member invited by Jeff Bezos, Gary Lai, an employee of the company who will occupy the seat left vacant by comedian Pete. Davidson.

Click here to see the profile of each crew member and learn all about the mission known as NS-20 – in reference to the 20th flight of a New Shepard vehicle in Blue Origin’s overall count.

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