Anitta is the first Brazilian to reach first place in the Top 50 – Spotify Global

Singer Anitta reached first place on Spotify Global with the single “Envolver”, released in November 2021. With more than 6.4 million streams on the platform, reggaeton reached the position of most listened to music in the world this Friday morning. thursday (25th). It is the first time that a Brazilian artist achieves this feat.

Despite being the first song by a Brazilian artist to reach number one on Spotify Global, “Envolver” is not sung in Portuguese, but in Spanish. The song went viral thanks to a campaign led by Anitta’s fans on social networks.


Involvement was a challenge theme

The song was the soundtrack to the “El Paso de Anitta” challenge, which went viral on TikTok. The choreography includes, among other steps, dancing in the plank position, considered one of the most difficult to maintain for those who practice physical activities regularly.

Of the more than 6.4 million “Envolver” streams, more than half, 4.1 million, came from Brazil. This number set another record for Anitta on Spotify, the song with the most plays in a single day in Brazil.

For comparison purposes, the average number of streams for a song to reach number one in Brazil is 1.5 million plays per day. This, by the way, was the number of streams that “involve” had last Thursday (24).

South America on the Rise

The second place in Spotify’s Top 50 Global also comes from South America, it’s “Plan A”, by Argentine singer Paulo Londra. In all, the artist’s single had 5.8 million streams.

Anitta had already achieved an unprecedented feat last Saturday (19), when she reached seventh place on the list. This was the first time that a Brazilian artist appeared in the Top 10 Global of the Swedish music streaming app.

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