Android 13 will help developers test apps with slow internet

Google is working on a new feature for the upcoming Android 13 update that will allow any internet connection to be limited. This will help developers test if their Android 13 apps work satisfactorily with slow internet, as not everyone has a fast connection always available.

The function, pointed out by the Esper website, is not yet implemented, but code from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) indicates that developers will be able to set the network speed in bytes per second.


But one issue is that the function requires kernel-level support, and as most devices do not receive kernel updates after release, many phones and tablets will likely not support network throttling. The kernel must also be programmed with certain configuration options enabled, such as CONFIG_NET_SCHED.

It is currently possible to run the Android Studio Emulator with slow internet, but there is no easy way to test apps on limited network connections with a real physical device. Some developers even use microwaves (off, of course) or Faraday cages to weaken a device’s internet signal for testing.

Google will also support throttling connections in the Chrome browser, which helps test the performance of websites or web apps with slow internet. And this setting will also be available for all Chromium-based browsers.

In addition to the slow internet testing function, Android 13 Developer Preview 2 will bring runtime permissions for app notifications, improved Japanese text wrapping, a new text translation API for languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Japanese, COLR fonts, MIDI 2.0 and Bluetooth LE audio.

Via: XDA Developers

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